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Imagine having a career that pays well and is always in demand without the need for a college degree or student debt. Union Laborers have many advantages over their non-union counterparts.

  • The best training available at state of the art facilities for a variety of jobs.
  • The best benefits package including full family health insurance, pension, and annuity.
  • Professional level wages to support your family.
  • An opportunity to work at a variety of jobs helping rebuild Amerca.

The LIUNA Advantage

Over the next six years, the Federal Government will invest over $96 BILLION in road and bridge construction and upgrades throughout the Chicagoland area and will fund many other infrastructure projects. That doesn't include additional funds allocated by state and local jurisdictions. This means WORK for LIUNA members, and a LOT of it.

"Two years after high school I owned a house and a new truck while most of my friends were racking up college debt or working minimum wage jobs. Becoming a construction laborer with LIUNA was the best decision I ever made."

-LIUNA Laborer

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LIUNA Builds Careers and Communities

Beginning a career as a LIUNA Laborer brings many benefits including the important work of building and maintaining our communities. Click the infographic below to learn more.