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*Do not include experienced employee’s full social security number on supporting documents. Your Apprenticeship Exemption Request Form will be denied.

  • Check stubs are required to verify the total number of experienced work hours (documents will not be accepted if check stubs include Social Security number)
  • W-2s may be accepted. The hourly pay scale must be determined and divided accordingly to identify the total number of work hours the W-2's represent.
  • A Pension Credit Hours Report from any other building trades unions is acceptable in lieu of check stub hours.
*When totaling hours, please do no include vacation or time off (must be working hours only or your application will be denied). *Please note that working for a signatory contractor in the jurisdiction of the Chicago Laborers' District Council does not count toward the 2,400-hour requirement.

I am requesting this exemption based on the following reasons:

This is the address of the actual work site where the applicant will initially be assigned. Please note that this cannot be the same address as your business office above.

Mandatory Apprentice Program

In 2019, LIUNA Chicagoland Laborers’ District Council Training & Apprentice Fund established a Mandatory Apprentice Program. The Program is effective January 2, 2020. Under this Program, inexperienced employees hired on or after January 2, 2020 are required to participate in, and complete, the Apprentice Program. The term of Apprenticeship is two (2) years. An employee can only enter the Apprentice Program by being sponsored by a contributing employer (the “Sponsoring Employer”). Employers interested in sponsoring an individual into the Laborers’ Apprentice Program must submit an online application on the Apprentice Program’s web site at under the “Apprentice Program” tab.

The online application must include the name of the Sponsoring Employer, an authorized person’s contact information, the name and contact information of the sponsored applicant, the location of the job where the apprentice will begin working and the expected work assignment. In order for an applicant to be accepted into the Program, he or she must meet the physical, legal, communication and educational standards of the Apprentice Program and pass a substance abuse test.

The process for sponsoring an apprentice and the rules of the Program are set forth on the following pages.

Process and Requirements

  1. Signatory Employers wishing to sponsor an individual into the Laborers’ Apprentice Program must submit an application online at Once the application is received by the Training Fund, the sponsored applicant will be contacted immediately to set up an appointment for the drug screen. The applicant will have 48 hours from the point of contact to fulfill this obligation.
  2. Once the Fund receives verification that the applicant has successfully passed the drug screen, the applicant will immediately be scheduled for the indenture process.
    Note: The indenture process will only occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Any delay by the applicant to complete the drug screening for any reason will delay the indenture process.
  3. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements:
    • At least 18 years of age
    • Minimum 10th grade education
    • Physically able to perform the work of the trade
    • Have reading, writing, understanding and communicating abilities in English that would enable the applicant to perform the tasks of the Construction Craft Laborer in a safe manner and comprehend the subject matter in related instruction.
  4. Applicants must present the following documents to the Fund at their scheduled appointment time as part of the indenture process:
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Social Security Card
    • High School Diploma, GED or High School transcripts showing successful completion of at least the 10th grade.
      Note: Any documentation missing from the list noted above will create a delay in the process.
  5. Successful applicants indentured into the Program may, in some cases, begin their first week of training the week following their indentured date.
  6. Once the indenture process is completed, the applicant is now eligible to work.
  7. The Sponsoring Employer shall maintain employment-related records of applicants and apprentices as required by law.

Additional Employer Information

  1. Available apprentices can be requested by contacting the Local Union office that has jurisdiction over the job site. If you are unable to obtain an apprentice from the Local Union office, contact the Director of Apprenticeship at 630-653-0006.
  2. Immediately after acceptance into the Program through the indenture process, an apprentice can be put to work at 60% of the journeyworker rate. Once the indenture process is complete, the apprentice will be registered with the Department of Labor.
  3. Apprentice wages begin at 60% of the journeyworker rate and progress to 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% every six months as they complete the required training and field experience. Full benefits must be paid immediately. Registered apprentices may be used on prevailing wage jobs.
  4. The Employer must allow the apprentice to attend the one-week Initial Orientation Course as well as all other mandatory scheduled training classes as directed by the Apprentice Coordinator.
  5. Apprentices are required to attend training classes that last one week approximately once every three (3) months. Adequate notification will be given to the apprentice and Sponsoring Employer.

Rules of the Mandatory Apprentice Program

  1. General Rule: All new inexperienced employees hired by signatory employers on or after January 2, 2020 are required to participate in the Mandatory Apprentice Program. Effective January 2, 2020, it will be considered a violation of the Program to hire any new inexperienced employees as full-scale journeyworkers without such workers first completing the Mandatory Apprentice Program. Employers violating this policy may be subject to penalty.
  2. Experienced Employee ExceptionExperienced employees will be exempt from the Mandatory Apprentice Program if they can document that they meet any of the following requirements: (1) became a member of the LILUNA before January 2, 2020 (not required to submit an Exemption Request Form), (2) performed a total of 2,400 hours or more of construction work OR (3) completion of sufficient training at any LIUNA Apprentice Program or any other Building Trades apprentice program.
  3. Permit Worker Exception: An employer may hire a limited number of Permit Workers who are exempt from the requirements of the Mandatory Apprentice Program. Please see the document entitled “Permit Worker Program” for details.
  4. Newly Organized Employer Exception: For employers whose first Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed on or after January 2, 2020, its existing employees (that is, the employees on its payroll on the date the CBA is signed) will be exempt from the Mandatory Apprentice Program. A newly organized employer may sponsor some of its existing employees as apprentices, provided that it does not violate the contractual journeyworker to apprentice ratio. Employees hired after the date the employer becomes signatory will be required to be sponsored as an apprentice in accordance with the Mandatory Apprentice Program.
  5. Delinquent Employers: An employer that is delinquent in its monthly contributions to the various Chicagoland Laborers’ benefit funds will be considered a Delinquent Employer. Delinquent Employers will not be permitted to sponsor any further apprentices until the Funds confirm that their outstanding delinquency is resolved.
  6. Choice of Apprentices: Employers shall be allowed to employ the individuals of their choice as apprentices. No employer will be refused sponsorship of an eligible applicant due to lack of openings in the Apprentice Program.
  7. Re-Application After Termination/Failed Drug Screen: No individual terminated from the Program may work as a Laborer in the jurisdiction of the Chicagoland Laborers’ District Council. A former apprentice who is sponsored by an employer may re-apply to the Program one (1) years after termination from the Program. An applicant who fails a drug screen may re-apply one (1) year after the failed drug screen.
  8. Journeyworker to Apprentice Ratio: The ratio of journeyworkers to apprentices shall be six (6) laborer journeyworkers to one (1) laborer apprentice on a company-wide basis, with no more than 20% of the laborers being apprentices on any one jobsite of the employer. Employers who employ a maximum of between one (1) and five (5) laborer journeyworkers are entitled to one (1) laborer apprentice, who may be assigned to jobsites irrespective of the 20% jobsite maximum. In order to employ a second laborer apprentice, the employer must maintain the 6:1 ratio.
  9. Violations or Disputes: The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (“JATC”) or its designee will hear and resolve any violation or dispute concerning the Mandatory Apprentice Program. Written notification must be received within 15 days of the alleged violation. The JATC will make such ruling as it deems necessary within 30 days of receiving the written notification. The decision by the JATC will be final and binding on the employer, the employee/apprentice and the Fund.
  10. More Information: Feel free to contact the Training Fund directly at 630-653-0006 with any questions or to obtain information about the excellent instructional programs that will help employees become highly qualified and skilled workers. Additional classes are available to apprentices throughout their journey in the Apprentice Program. However, certain classes will not be available to an apprentice until a certain level of education has been reached. Please feel free to contact an Apprentice Coordinator to discuss additional training options available for your employees.


I am agreeing on behalf of (the “Employer”) to the terms of the Standards of Apprenticeship and the policies of the LIUNA Chicagoland Laborers’ District Council Training & Apprentice Fund.

I understand and agree that I am committing to sponsor (the “Apprentice”) for the duration of the two (2) year Apprentice Program. I understand and agree that if the Employer suspends the Apprentice’s period of apprenticeship due to adverse business conditions, the Apprentice will be given the opportunity to resume his or her active apprenticeship before any additional apprentices are employed.

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