Union Benefits

A Union Laborer has many advantages over his non-union counterpart. First and foremost, a Union Laborer is part of an organization whose goal is to provide good wages, benefits and safe working conditions for all of its members. The Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) strives to maintain that goal each and every day.

Assurance that a fair and competitive wage has been negotiated for him/her is another advantage of Union Labor. Individuals are guaranteed a wage that will allow him or her to provide shelter, food, clothing and education for their family. A wage that will help them enjoy a high standard of living.

Benefits, such as health insurance and a pension, are also a part of the Laborer's Union package. Health insurance provides peace-of-mind to a worker. A pension plan is provided to a member in order that they may retire with confidence.

Lastly, a Union Laborer has the advantage of getting the appropriate training for his job. Safety and skills training is provided for all Union Laborers through the LIUNA Chicagoland Laborers' District Council Training Center.

Union Brotherhood, great wages, benefits and training are the cornerstones of what makes being a Union Laborer a smart choice.