Ratio Variance

The Fund recognizes the potential challenges in complying with the 6:1 journeyworker to apprentice ratio in situations where an employer is growing quickly and there are few journeyworkers available for hire. The JATC or its subcommittee will hear requests for variances from the ratio on an individual basis.

To qualify for the variance, employers need to establish, by submitting a letter, that their request for relief from the ratio requirement is grounded in a legitimate business purpose. If granted the variance, the employer would need to maintain the ratio with respect to pay. That is, some of the apprentices (starting with the apprentice who is closest to completion from the Program) would need to be paid journeyworker wages so that the ratio of those being paid as journeyworkers and those being paid as apprentices is consistent with the 6:1 ration requirement. Please note that a ratio variance request will be considered on an employee-by-employee basis.

All contractor requests regarding the ratio variance must be made by submitting a company letter explaining the situation and the name of the person they are requesting to sponsor as an apprentice and the name of their apprentice closest to program completion that they are willing to pay at journeyworker rate to the Director of Apprenticeship at:


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